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Harvest 2012

October 22, 2012

Harvest is over for the year. It’s actually been over for nearly two weeks. With the dry summer, and the continuation into a dry fall, it went fairly quickly.

Thankfully, we had a crop to harvest. It was definitely below average compared to recent years, but at least we had something.

You can see the difference between two different hybrids of corn the hub planted in one of the fields. The one on the left had a shorter growing time, and you can see it’s pretty much all brown and dry. The one on the right had a longer growing time and it was still fairly green. He combined the corn on the left first and then combined some other fields for a few weeks. By the time he was done with those, the corn on the right had matured and dried enough to be harvested. Pretty cool, right?

There was also an unusually large number of grasshoppers in the fields, probably because it was so dry. They couldn’t do any more damage to the corn, but it was kind of creepy to see a few dozen grasshoppers take flight with every step you took.

At least we had good weather to make the harvest process speed along.

The kids liked “helping,” too. At least for the first week or so.

But after the hub was done with beans and switched back to corn, they weren’t as excited to ride along any more. I guess you can only watch it for so long before you start getting bored (or sleepy).

I liked going to the different fields and taking pictures of any old buildings that were left.

Even though the “hard” part is done, the hub still has lots of fieldwork to do to get everything ready for next year. We’ve also had some recent [much needed] rains, so he got to take a break from sitting in the tractor for hours at a time. There are still plenty of things to do around the farm, though. Machine maintenance, cleaning and putting away equipment for the year and planning how and what he’s going to plant next year.

The excitement in the life of a farmer never stops.

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