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Elfie, our Elf on a Shelf

December 12, 2012

Last year I got an Elf on a Shelf for the older kiddos. I thought it would be a fun family thing to do for the Christmas season. However, I didn’t think about trying to remember to move Elfie (the name the kiddos gave our elf) every night while dealing with the sleep deprivation that comes with having a one-month-old. Nor did I realize the lengths some people went to in placing their elf every night.

So I vowed to do better this year. I wanted to have fun, but not go overboard. And I wanted to record each day so I could remember what I’ve done for the future. I’ve been taking photos with my iPhone and uploading them to Instagram.

Elfie came back to our house December 1 and wrote a letter to the kiddos. She was just sitting on the table and the kids were happy to see her.

She started off riding the little wrought iron bike I have on our mantel. A little pre-Christmas treat exercise, perhaps?


The next day the kiddos found her hanging from the top of our tree. Our lighted tree star wasn’t working, so Elfie decided to take its place for the night.

Elfie must have been hungry, because the next morning Elfie was head first into a bag of marshmallows on the dining room table.


And the next day she was cleaning up a mess of kisses with kid3’s little yellow wheel loader.


She must have gotten a little warm, the kiddos found her hanging from the pull chain of the ceiling fan the next morning (and were very concerned she’d fall. We assured her she would be fine).

Elfie had a little fun with the kids’ Little People nativity set. She had rearranged the animals and people – with one of the camels on top of the stable. Thankfully, she was taking good care of baby Jesus.

The next morning found Elfie tucked in the pocket of one of my Santas, reporting back on whether the kids had been naughty or nice no doubt.


Elfie nearly forgot to move the next morning, but she snuck in just in time before the kids woke and found her hanging from some ribbon on the sliding glass door. We’re not sure if she was admiring the gingerbread window cling or the dusting of snow outside, but the kiddos thought it was pretty funny.


She made her way into the lantern the next morning


and was reading a book to some new friends the next.


This morning, the kids discovered Elfie had made a sled out of two candy canes and a Hershey bar, and was preparing to take a run down our couch.


It has been fun working with Elfie and watching the kids find her each day. I have some ideas in mind for the next few days and will check Pinterest and other blogs for others. When Elfie’s antics start requiring more than 10-15 minutes of planning/work by myself or the hub, then I know I’ve gone off the deep end of Elf on a Shelf. Hopefully, that won’t happen.


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