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It’s been awhile

April 28, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything (sorry, mom & dad). I just haven’t had the motivation, or anything interesting to post about. Our life has been pretty mundane, especially with the winter that didn’t seem to want to end lingering on (and on, and on).

But it finally feels like spring, and there’s even proof that things are growing again.

One of the miniature irises we have on the south side of our house.

I’ve done a lot of baking (seriously, I may have a problem) the past few months, too. Here’s a sampling:

Bird’s nests (for Easter). Verdict: tasty, but rich. A little went a long way (and this is coming from someone who loves chocolate, peanut butter and Cadbury mini eggs).


Quick (no yeast) cinnamon rolls. These were our Good Friday breakfast (I had planned on making hot cross buns, but that didn’t quite work out). I’ve made these before, and they’re very good, and easy to make. They’re very similar to the ones you buy in the cans at the grocery store (you know, the ones that practically give you a heart attack when you open them).


Dark chocolate blueberry oatmeal cookies. I love these cookies. I’ve made them quite a few times before, and they never last long.


Whole wheat lemon bread. This was a Pinterest recipe that was just okay. It was partially my fault (I realized after I’d already poured the batter in the pan that I’d forgotten to add the eggs, so the dough was overworked once I finally got it in the oven. I also used whole wheat flour, which made the bread very dense and a little dry). But it got eaten. I think with a few tweaks (I altered the glaze slightly, and added some sour cream to the dough) it could be really good.


Buttermilk brownies (also known as Texas Sheet Cake). I think the longest a pan has lasted in our house has been 36 hours. They’re just so good!


Lemon cookies with lemon glaze. This was another Pinterest recipe, but it turned out so much better than the bread. These cookies were amazing! Soft and chewy with a great lemon flavor. It would be extremely easy to alter the recipe to make them orange or lime cookies, too. Definitely a make-again recipe, and not that much more difficult than the cake mix lemon cookies I’ve done before.


Good old Monster cookies, but with mini M’n’Ms and mini chocolate chips. I love my monster cookie recipe because it’s a reasonable sized recipe to make. Instead of using a pound of butter and a dozen eggs like most recipes I’ve seen, it just uses 1/2 c. of butter and 3 eggs (and 1 1/2 c of peanut butter instead of an entire jar). My only problem is I like eating the cookie dough almost more than I like baking the cookies.


Now that it’s warmer out, the hub can finally get in the field. We’ll start planning and planting our garden, and will soon have tee ball games every Saturday. And hopefully, I’ll have more to write about, even if it’s just what baking I’ve done (I’d like to tackle more recipes involving yeast) or how the garden is coming along.

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