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I think Mother Nature is a little confused

May 2, 2013
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This is what we woke up to this morning:

IMG_1111 IMG_1112

Six inches of wet, heavy snow and no school for the kiddos. On May 2!

It was 80 degrees out two days ago. Nice enough that the kiddlet and kid3 and I walked to pick up the kiddo from school, and then stayed and played for a bit (and got a little warm. In fact, the kidlet got a little sunburn because I totally did not think about putting on sunscreen – we haven’t had to worry about it for six months!)

The hub even did a little planting of 110-day corn because it was either get it in the ground or risk it not maturing before harvest.

So it’s a little odd to wake up two days later to the school alert on your phone saying school’s been canceled due to inclement weather. The kiddo was happy until we reminded him that meant he’s now going to school until June 4.

The kids weren’t phased at all by the snow, they went out after lunch and had a grand time playing and building a snow castle.


He promptly demolished it 30 seconds later

I spent the snow day inside with kid3 (he doesn’t have a snowsuit in his size) and trying my hand at yeast bread again. I had some buttermilk that needed to be used up and it was either make bread or pancakes.

I used my trusty KitchenAid mixer to mix the dough this time, which was much faster and easier than doing it by hand. Maybe once I have more practice, I’ll do it by hand, but for now this works.


It rose! I have the hardest time with getting my dough to proof well. I’ve tried a couple different methods, but what seemed to work this time was turning on the oven, letting it preheat to 350, and then turning it off immediately. I let it cool 10 minutes or so while the dough kneaded in my mixer with the dough hook, then put the dough (covered with a damp towel) in the still-warm oven with a small bowl of water on the lower rack. I’ll have to try this again with my pizza dough and see if I have the same success.

The bread baked nicely, despite the fact the loaf pans I had were a little large. I really need the 8×4 size for these loaves.


I also probably could have let them bake just a touch longer. They’re a little doughy in the middle. Not bad, but a few more minutes probably would have made the difference.


It’s got a nice crumb, though (from what my inexperienced eye can tell, anyway) and one loaf is already two-thirds gone. A nice baking experiment on a crazy snow day.

The weather is supposed to warm up again by early next week, and I really hope this is the last we see snow until November or December. I’m glad I didn’t wash and put away the kids’ snow things when I thought about it last week!

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