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Spring is finally here!

May 20, 2013

It’s hard to believe that two and a half weeks ago, we were in the midst of a May snowstorm.

Five days ago, the temperatures reached 96 degrees.

I think Mother Nature is still a bit confused.

But I do believe spring is finally here in north central Iowa. The grass is green, my iris and tulips


are blooming, our crabapple tree is a beautiful pinky purple color


and the farmers are out in full force in the field (provided it hasn’t rained and the fields are dry).


The hub had some spring tillage to do before he could break out the planter, but that’s mostly finished and he’s only got about a day left of corn to put in.

It also means he’s been putting in long hours in the field. Some days he goes out there sometime before dinner (he puts in a few hours in his other job in the morning) and doesn’t get done until well after the kids are in bed.


I don’t mind too much, and the kids and I get to take dinner (also known as lunch for the non-farm folks) and supper out to him in the fields. Last week we got to see a spectacular sunset over the farm where I grew up (and my parents still live) while we waited for the hub to finish out a round before I could give him his food.

We had a big storm roll through last night, though, which means it’ll be a few days before the fields dry out and he can get back out and finish his planting (provided there’s no more rain – unfortunately, the forecast calls for a chance of precip the next three days). There’s plenty of work to do, however, like fixing the blower fan in the big tractor, getting the bean drill ready, and making sure the planter is set to do the last field of corn. There’s always something that can be done.

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