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A long hiatus

December 5, 2013

It always seems that life gets away with me and my poor little blog bears the brunt of my neglect. Not that my meager audience misses much (Hi Mom and Dad!) because I see them nearly every day.


The hub often harvested late into the night – he’s learned to work as long as he can while the weather holds.

This year’s harvest was completely different than the previous two years. A late plant, mixed with a wet fall meant harvest didn’t really get underway until October, and even then, it was halted several times due to rain and even snow (!!).

The hub finally got everything in late one night in mid-November with the help of his father and mine. Of course, farm work doesn’t end with the putting away of the combine; there are still stalks to be chopped, fertilizer to be applied and worked in and all the machinery to get cleaned up and winterized. And even with the best of intentions, Mother Nature still gets the best of you. A sudden cold snap meant the ground was too hard to work, and once it warmed up enough to even try, it rained. And that was followed by another cold front. What got done is done, the rest will have to wait until spring.


Yes, that’s snow. On October 22.

Even with the strange weather this year (and downed corn due to high winds this summer and pesky root worm beetles), the hub was pleasantly surprised with his yields. The downward trend in commodities pricing doesn’t help the bottom line, but, as we’re learning, we just have to take it year by year and do the best we can. Farming isn’t for the faint at heart – I wish more people understood that.


Riding in the combine with daddy was always a treat for the kiddo and kidlet after school.

Hopefully next year will be better. Kid3 will be able to spend a few days a week at daycare by that time, so I’ll be able to help out more with harvest (currently my main jobs are bringing out lunches and driving people to and from fields when I’m not shuttling kids to and from school). I’ll have to learn how to drive the tractor and wagons, or maybe the hub will even let me take a turn in the combine!


Harvest seemed to be neverending this year.

Despite the long hours, hard work and the unpredictability of farming, the hub and I are thankful every day we have the opportunity to do something to which we both feel connected and can raise our children the same.

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